Sleeping Beauties – Limitierte Geschenkedition


Es ist nach zwei!!!! Jahren mal wieder etwas eingetroffen von Cemetery Dance Publications bzgl. Stephen King.

Diese Story hat er gemeinsam mit seinem Sohn Owen geschrieben, die Zeichnung auf dem Schutzumschlag ist von Jana Heidersdorf, Künstlerin aus Gelsenkirchen, es ist wieder mal ein super Teil geworden mit sehr schönen Zeichnungen und das alles für lächerliche 125 $. LOL

Viel Spaß!!!

Read an Excerpt of Sleeping Beauties…


Lila followed the tracks up a rise, then down into the sort of narrow dip that country fellows like Willy Burke called a brake or a holler, then up another hill. Here the trees were thicker — scrub pines fighting for space and sunlight. The webby stuff hung from some of the branches. She took a few more pictures with her phone and pushed on toward the power pylons and the bright sunlight ahead. She ducked under a low-hanging branch, stepped into the clearing, and just stared. For a moment all her tiredness was swept away by amazement.

Lila stood frozen at the edge of the clearing, her neck craned, staring upward. Flocks of moths fluttered around her, brown in the shade, seeming to turn an iridescent gold in the late afternoon sunshine.

She had read somewhere that the tallest tree on earth — a redwood — was just under four hundred feet high. The tree in the center of the clearing looked taller than that, and it was no redwood. It was like no tree she’d ever seen.

Cemetery Dance Publications zu Jana Heidersdorf,….


….Gelsenkirchen-Buer, Deutschland, Zeichnerin im neuen CD-Buch Sleeping Beauties von Stephen und Owen King :

Jana Heidersdorf is an artist and illustrator fascinated by the feral and fantastical. Her work explores everything that lurks in the dark, may it be wild creatures or shapeless thoughts and feelings, and turns it into moody compositions in pencil and mixed media techniques. It can be found on and in books, comics, magazines, on walls and on the internet. She is currently spending a lot of time in the twisted world of mermaids while working on her weekly 100 Mermaids drawing project. When she isn’t drawing, she pretends to be a wood sprite and scares the local squirrel population