Cemetery Dance Publications zu Jana Heidersdorf,….


….Gelsenkirchen-Buer, Deutschland, Zeichnerin im neuen CD-Buch Sleeping Beauties von Stephen und Owen King :

Jana Heidersdorf is an artist and illustrator fascinated by the feral and fantastical. Her work explores everything that lurks in the dark, may it be wild creatures or shapeless thoughts and feelings, and turns it into moody compositions in pencil and mixed media techniques. It can be found on and in books, comics, magazines, on walls and on the internet. She is currently spending a lot of time in the twisted world of mermaids while working on her weekly 100 Mermaids drawing project. When she isn’t drawing, she pretends to be a wood sprite and scares the local squirrel population

Books that will be published this year, I already ordered!

Following books I can’t wait longer when it’s published, I’m totally addicted to Stephen Kings Stories!
Also I wait for the following book, which I get for free, included in the last book club of Cemetery Dance Publications
The great drawings by Glenn Chadbourne are awesome, great work Glenn Chadbourne, go on like this! For the other artists which are draw in Salem’s Lot and the other books I’m also suspensed!